Holidays in the Netherlands — THE LEIDENER

Leiden University is filled with international students which in turn means that many of us are far from home. Some of us have come great distances to be here, others … Continue reading →

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Top 5 most popular Dutch exports

Dutch Community

The Netherlands might be a small country, but what it lacks for in size it certainly makes up for in other ways. Indeed, this tiny nation is actually the fifth largest exporter in the world, trailing only behind Germany, America, Japan and China in terms of export volumes. So, which typical Dutch products can the rest of us seemingly not get enough of? Let’s take a closer look!

1) Dutch cheese

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the chief export product of the Netherlands is Dutch cheese. In fact, Holland is the fifth largest cheese exporter in the world, shipping a staggering 600 million kilos of the delicious stuff abroad every year. It boasts an impressive selection of internationally renowned cheeses too, including, Gouda, Edam and Old Amsterdam cheese. And in Alkmaar there’s even a Dutch Cheese Museum dedicated exclusively to Dutch cheese making, farming and dairy traditions.

2) Dutch Tulips

The Netherlands…

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Good Morning Reitdiephaven…

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The Old Earth.


Giethoorn by itself is one of the most fairytale towns that I have seen in Europe, this is a town with no roads, where everything is connected by small channels. Right in the center of the picturesque Giethoorn is the oldest museum in this village. De Oude Aarde in Giethoorn is quite simply one of the most unique and enchanting museums that I come across in Holland.

The museum De Oude Aarde , which translates to ‘The Old Earth’ has been opened since the year 1969, and it has been dedicated to being home to Netherlands most beautiful collections of minerals and fossils. Spending some time in this wonderful museum is truly worth it and it will take you on a voyage of discovery through strange crystals in the fascinating world of gemstones and fossils from the depths of the earth. You will see stones of peculiar shapes and…

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Vondel Park summer

Amsterdam Cycle Chic

The weather is warming up in Amsterdam and you can smell the sweet scent of summer in the air! This means spending more time outside, taking your royal steed (or any type of wheels such as skateboards, rollerskates and rollerblades) and zooming around parks with friends. You can simply laze about and enjoy a picnic until the sun is gone (which for this time of year is as late as 11pm).

My favourite Park in Amsterdam is Vondel Park. It’s located right in the centre of the city therefore super accessible by bike. It has pretty lakes, lots of space for cycling, chilled out cafes, inspiring tracks to run off your stroopwafels, a zillion entrances and areas for all sorts of general meandering.

Summertime brings lots of fun things to do in Vondel Park such as concerts in their own open air theatre, barbecuing, and even a…

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#Vlaggetjesdag, #Scheveningen Harbour, #Netherlands

#Vlaggetjesdag, #Scheveningen Harbour, #Netherlands

Vlaggetjesdag, or Flag Day, is an annual Dutch celebration, which took place yesterday, held in Scheveningen to celebrate the new herring catch of the year. The streets of the town and boats in the harbour are decorated with flags, there is a chance to sample the new herring, and there are bands playing, markets and boat tours.

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Meijendel, Wassenaar

Meijendel, Wassenaar

A photo taken today of a pond with reflections of the sky, in the Meijendel nature reserve between The Hague and Wassenaar. The nature reserve consists of dunes, water landscapes and pine forests and is home to many bird species, rabbits and other animals.

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Cool #graffiti in The #Hague of the Berlage designed #Gemeentemuseum

The Hague


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Lake District National Park, UK

Lake District National Park, UK

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Chanel exhibition in The Hague

Chanel exhibition in The Hague

Chanel little black dresses at the Gemeentemuseum in The Hague, the Netherlands

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