Top 5 most popular Dutch exports

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The Netherlands might be a small country, but what it lacks for in size it certainly makes up for in other ways. Indeed, this tiny nation is actually the fifth largest exporter in the world, trailing only behind Germany, America, Japan and China in terms of export volumes. So, which typical Dutch products can the rest of us seemingly not get enough of? Let’s take a closer look!

1) Dutch cheese

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the chief export product of the Netherlands is Dutch cheese. In fact, Holland is the fifth largest cheese exporter in the world, shipping a staggering 600 million kilos of the delicious stuff abroad every year. It boasts an impressive selection of internationally renowned cheeses too, including, Gouda, Edam and Old Amsterdam cheese. And in Alkmaar there’s even a Dutch Cheese Museum dedicated exclusively to Dutch cheese making, farming and dairy traditions.

2) Dutch Tulips

The Netherlands…

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